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I am delighted to welcome  you  to  The  Business of  Entertainment 2019  Conference, which  brings  together  a  diverse  group of  powerful creatives  in  the  entertainment industry.

This event is full of experienced panelists who are leaders within their own professions, and  are   breaking   barriers   as  successful creatives  in  the  entertainment  industry. This  1 - day   event  is  an   opportunity  for  you  to   be   educated,  empowered  and challenged! The most remarkable characteristic of this event is  that  it  was  designed with  immense  attention  and  care  to focus  on the different businesses and industry skill-sets within the creative community.

You  will  hear   how   these   experts   started  their  journey  and persisted with effort, patience,  and  knowledge!  They  will  share  what  they  know  in  anticipation  that  it could  unlock  the  key  to  your  next   endeavor  and   motivate  you to stay  focused 

in your pursuit of a professional  career in entertainment. This very spirit is the driving force behind The Business of Entertainment conference and its founding organization!

On our website, I encourage you to submit questions and comments  in  our comment box.  We  can  pass along submissions to the  panelists and they  can be  prepared  to answer exactly  what  you  would  like to learn  and  gain from this conference.

The  world   of  entertainment  is  an  exciting  and  an  ever-changing  industry,.  As  a result, The Business of Entertainment  conference  strives  to  bring  together  inspiring figures  and  their experiences,  ensure  that  you  have  the  education  to be placed in 

a position of confidence, and fuel your own path towards SUCCESS!

I  hope  that  you  will  network  with  the   many  attending  creatives  and find the conference both  invaluable  and enjoyable!

Founder, The Entertainment Network Forum • Chief Event Officer

Monica Benton






The  most  remarkable  characteristics  of  the  conference  is  that  it  was   designed with  the  intent  to help  and  encourage   those,  with  limited  knowledge  about  the entertainment  industry  understand  how  they  can  start and sustain a professional 

and successful career. 

The conference   will  create  the  opportunity  for its  attendees  to  be  introduced  to and  learn  from  successful   leaders  in  art and entertainment.  Most importantly, the forum  aims  to  stimulate  unconventional  learning,  collaboration,  and the extensive development of the attendees' creative talents.

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Meet Monica



Monica Benton is the founder of Entertainment Network Forum and Lead Event Host of the Business of Entertainment Conference. 

Her 20 yrs of entrepreneurial experience in the construction and real estate development industry prepared her to transition into the Producers Program at New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA. Inspired by her passion to network and bring creatives together, she decided to launch The Business of Entertainment conference.  The conference brings together a host of entertainment professionals and leaders who desire to educate, motivate and inspire others who desire a professional career in entertainment.

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